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Del Cerro is where this project took place. Quite a challenge since the home already had a pool and extensive established landscape and hardscape. After several meeting, and a decision on the plans we broke ground. The main focus of the project was to correct some of the hardscape that was improperly installed, created new elevated seating areas, and bring a fresh look to the landscape. The concrete deck was salvaged except a few areas where the concrete had extensive cracking which was replaced. We then stained and scored the concrete to look like tiles, which is a very cost effective way of getting a new look out of your old concrete. Boulders where brought in to accent the native rock in the area. Low voltage lighting was added for evening effects and for entertaining at night. Decorative pots where brought in to help soften all the hardscape on this project. Last was the planting which included a few trees and many shrubs that accented the current landscape. Although the access was difficult it was a blast to see the huge transformation. Enjoy the photos!!

- Tom Mascari, Project Manager

Pool left side

Pool right side

Pool near steps

Raised Patio


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